Turning The Page: 2017 to 2018

Welcome to the What’s Blocking My Next Healing? Focus Group with me, Dr. Lauren Cielo, professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services. This  monthly focus group looks at a different healing topic running through my clients and students at Golden Rose.

After the Discussion, I perform a Healing Meditation to help you integrate the information presented and then perform personal Readings for all registrants about What’s Blocking Their Next Healing!

Each registrants (whether you attend live or not), receives an audio recording distributed the day after the event, including your personal Reading.


COST $25

Turning The Page 2017 to 2018
This month, a common thread weaving through many of my Readings and Teachings at Golden Rose was noticing how much everything changed on 2017 and how many of us are ready to set the energy for 2018. Please join us and find out!

In this episode I’ll discuss:

1) How the changes in 2017 may have changed us, individually and collectively.

2) Based on these changes, what will we leave behind in 2017 and what will we bring forward into 2018.

3) How to Turn The Page from 2017 to 2018!

If you missed the LIVE event, the video will be available for download from web store for only $14.99!

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