Transgender Transitioning Meditation Group Introduction

Welcome to the Transgender Transitioning Meditation Group beginning January 21, 2016 at 1:30pm PST with me, Dr. Lauren Cielo, professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services. This  FREE monthly meditation group, scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month, focuses on energy work benefiting those individuals currently transitioning from one gender expression to another or somewhere inbetween! Each registrant (whether you attend live or not) receives  an audio recording after the meditation distributed via email.

Transgender Meditation Groups


JOIN THE FIRST LIVE MEDITATION on the 3rd Thurs. of each month at 1:30PM PST


I began my transition from female to male in July of 2015 although I’ve identified transgender for over 20 years and in that time have ‘passed’ enough to feel more comfortable using the men’s bathroom.  My current intention for my personal transition includes hormone therapy and ‘top surgery’. Gratefully, at this writing my transition has been amazing and I’m loving even the smallest noticeable shift. However, this may not always be the case for all of my transgender siblings. Things may be moving too fast or too slow at times.

The aim of the meditations offered here will be to help create a more fun, exciting and productive transition for all who are motivated to listen.

Please register for the next LIVE event in this series and subscribe to my blog to discuss topics, ask questions and suggest future meditations!

6 thoughts on “Transgender Transitioning Meditation Group Introduction

  1. Thanks for registering! July’s meditation helps work on the issue of securing Referral Letters from our mental health providers. Hope you enjoy and please share!

  2. Thanks for registering for May’s Free Transgender Transitioning Meditation! This month we tackle the ‘bathroom issue’. This mediation focuses on relieving anxiety and creating safe places to pee! Enjoy and please pass this along to others who may benefit… Thanks!

  3. Thanks to everyone who attended this month’s Transgender Transitioning Meditation! This month we focused on being comfortable in our bodies, in present time no matter how fast or slow we feel our transition is evolving. I hope this helps you. Please feel free to post a comment and share with friends who may benefit.

  4. Hey Everyone, Thanks for attending and sharing the Transgender Transitioning Meditations here at Golden Rose. This month (Feb. 18, 2016) we meet a new Spirit Guide and learned how to use our Astral Bodies to change our Physical Bodies. I hope you benefit from this offering! If you did, please leave a comment and share it with a friend who may benefit as well.

  5. Thanks to everyone who attended the first Transgender Transitioning Meditation on Jan. 21, 2016! The topic is ‘Transition Freak Out. It’s those times during our transition, when our body changes really quick in unusual ways, we may not have consider prior to beginning the process. I hope you benefit from this offering! If you did, please leave a comment and share it with a friend who may benefit as well.

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