Transgender Questioning Meditation Group Introduction

Welcome to the Transgender Questioning Meditation Group beginning January  7, 2016 at 1:30pm PST with me, Dr. Lauren Cielo, professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services. This  FREE monthly meditation group, scheduled for the 1st Thursday of each month, focuses on energy work  benefiting those individuals questioning whether they are transgender, genderqueer and/ or gender non-conforming. Each registrant (whether you attend live or not) receives  an audio recording after the meditation distributed via email.


Transgender Meditation Groups


JOIN THE NEXT LIVE MEDITATION on the 1st Thurs. of each month at 1:30PM PST


Over my 50 plus years, I have questioned my own gender identity in what I called gender meltdowns and it was a very emotional, isolating and self loathing experience each time. Although I knew for years I would eventually transition and by the time I started it was an easy decision, I spent even more years painfully questioning.

It is my hope this group offering will help ease your hearts and minds!

Please register for the next LIVE event in this series and subscribe to my blog to discuss topics, ask questions and suggest future meditations!

8 thoughts on “Transgender Questioning Meditation Group Introduction

  1. Hi Everyone,
    October brings us a fresh look at Becoming Our True Gender Expressions. I hope this helps you and please share with those who may benefit!

  2. Happy September, This month we celebrate the uniqueness of your gender, even as it shifts! I hope this helps you and please pass it along to anyone who may benefit!

  3. Happy July, Everyone! This month learn to Read and Heal ‘Gender Confusion/Questioning’ energy that’s running in your energy field that really is NOT you… it belongs to someone else! As empaths, we sometimes try to heal others by running their dis-ease for them. Please enjoy this offering and share with those who might benefit.

  4. Happy June, Everyone! This meditation helps identify and gently heal those painful Energetic Plugs that block our own internal information flow. Learn the Pull Those Energetic Plugs and become the real you, even as you’re changing! I hope this helps you and please pass it along to those.

  5. Thanks for attending! This month we are whisked away to a delicious deserted island where we are free to experiment with our gender identities in peace and quiet! I hope you enjoy this offering and I hope it helps you. Please share it with anyone who might benefit.

  6. This month we learned how to remove energy and information that may restrict the flow of gender energy in our spaces, enabling a gentle flow between the 2 opposites: Female and Male! I hope this helps you.. please pass it along and feel free to leave a comment and suggestions for upcoming meditations.

  7. Please enjoy this month Free Transgender Meditation for those questioning their gender identity… this month we learned how to clairvoyantly read the amount of male and female energy we have in each of our chakras. I hope this helps you.. please pass it along! Any suggestions for next month’s meditation?

  8. Thanks to everyone who attended the first Transgender Questioning Meditation on Jan. 7, 2016! The topic is what I call ‘Gender Melt Down’. It’s those times when our body feels exceptional uncomfortable and the emotions react in crazy ways. I hope you benefit from this offering! If you did, please leave a comment and share it with a friend who may benefit as well.

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