Dr. Lauren Cielo is a formally trained Clairvoyant Reader, Healer and Teacher. As a former engineer and technical trainer, Dr. Cielo has the ability to teach complex topics in layman’s terms. You will be gentle guided through each step, technique and tool as your psychic abilities unfold to support your own healing and the healing of others.


In 9 years of teaching, Dr. Cielo has never had a student ‘fail’. The truth is, everyone is psychic and Dr. Cielo would be grateful to be one of your teacher’s this lifetime.

Dr. Lauren Cielo
I just finished watching Dr. Cielo's Geoge Noory interview and signing up for your free webinar on April 15th. I'm looking around your site getting more and more excited! I'm so very thrilled to have found someone with your skill set, whose products and educational resources are so affordable! So many times, I cringe when I see hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for classes and the like that I would otherwise be tripping over myself to enroll in. YOURS - well, let's just say you have not seen the last of me!!! Our small business of 20 years is struggling.....that business clearing - it's on the list (near the top), the classes you offer that mimic your own training - going to listen to the first one right now, and I'm just THRILLED! Thank you so very much....I've bookmarked this site, as it will take me months to go through all that you have to offer. I'm something of a "professional student" to learn about everything...most especially anything esoteric, and I hope to get some sleep tonight (since I have more than a few contracts to renegotiate!), although it's not looking likely. I'm just too excited by what you have to teach, and there being so much available. Thank you again...what a gift!