Training Suggestions for Pro Psychics in the Classroom

We recommend the following:

–Two programs offered per year
–Small class size
–Get on waiting list NOW
–One program offered per year
–Practice Reading Other Students
–FREE while enrolled in Clairvoyant Programs
–As Needed
Dr. Lauren Cielo
I am very grateful that Dr. Lauren offers the online clairvoyant training/psychic program!  For over a decade I've always wanted to take classes like this but never live close enough to a psychic school (such as the Berkeley Psychic Institute) as well as am hesitant about the huge expense of such a program.  Now my dream is coming true as the online program at Golden Rose Psychic is very convenient as well as affordable.  I can feel a difference in my energy as well as confidence in opening my natural psychic gift with the first 3 classes.  I have learned several valuable techniques to help ground myself, to release energy that belongs to others from my field, and to clear my space.  This is invaluable for me as I am an empath and tend to soak up on the emotions and energy of others which is not healthy for me.