Training Suggestions for One-on-One Healers

We recommend the following:

–Practice Reading Other Students
–Register 2 Days Prior
–As Needed
Dr. Lauren Cielo
Just to say thank you for being my teacher. I had a grueling Friday night of meditation and learning, where I had to dig in and keep going. I had a hard time getting the meeting with my Healing Master to go smoothly ( it didn't). Then the next morning I'm on my way to work, driving and looking for a radio station that is playing an upbeat song to get me in the right frame of mind. When I began to listen to Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground, then I see my Healing Masters, one at a time they got up, got in the middle of the circle and danced, then I got up and danced, and we were singing and dancing. I have not danced in a long time. It was so fun! For the first time, I listen to the lyrics of the song. GREAT SONG! Thank you for the teachings that help me to expand my horizon, tap into my talents, and be prepared for the transitioning to my higher purpose of what God has in store for me.