Training Suggestions for One-on-One Pro Psychics

We recommend the following:

–Practice Reading Other Students
–Register 2 Days Prior
–As Needed
Dr. Lauren Cielo
I am very grateful that Dr. Lauren offers the online clairvoyant training/psychic program!  For over a decade I've always wanted to take classes like this but never live close enough to a psychic school (such as the Berkeley Psychic Institute) as well as am hesitant about the huge expense of such a program.  Now my dream is coming true as the online program at Golden Rose Psychic is very convenient as well as affordable.  I can feel a difference in my energy as well as confidence in opening my natural psychic gift with the first 3 classes.  I have learned several valuable techniques to help ground myself, to release energy that belongs to others from my field, and to clear my space.  This is invaluable for me as I am an empath and tend to soak up on the emotions and energy of others which is not healthy for me.