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Just have One Question? Dr. Lauren Cielo will be happy to answer it! While times may vary, Dr. Cielo usually completes most One Question Emails within 7 days!


Just have One Question? Dr. Lauren will be happy to answer it! IMPORTANT: When you check out, in the ORDER NOTES sections, please state your One Question clearly and include the Full Names of everyone involved . While times may vary, Dr. Cielo usually completes most One Question Emails within 7 days!

10 reviews for One Question Email Reading

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    kim Kowalski

    I am always given so much motivation to continue on my spiritual journey after having a reading with Dr Lauren. He delivers the information which is at sometimes so “far out” that I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. His love and confidence in interpreting my souls plan leaves me inspired and excited to step outside my comfort zone. I am so excited to move ahead with my souls plan for this life. I can tell that he loves his job and and I have a hard time waiting for the timeline of events to unfold . I don’t want to be a pest , but I want to book a reading every day! I hold off by absorbing all the things I can from the radio show and book

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stacey MC

    Nailed it before Dr. Lauren even read my question. I am so grateful. Thank you!


      I’m glad it helped you, Stacie MC!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dr. Lauren is running an incredible special that I was more than happy to take advantage of his great generosity. I purchased a complete 2017 New Year Reading and received a free answered one question from Dr. Lauren. Wow is all I can say. Wow! For one question, Dr. Lauren read my energy, described exactly where I was at with my energy and THEN answered my question. He even gave me wonderful advice on affirmations, which I absolutely plan on following. He is extremely detailed oriented and overall, my one question was almost a half hour long recording. How amazing is that? What I also love about this service is the simplicity and ease of receiving it. Sometimes life is so busy and it’s great to gift yourself something like this on Dr. Lauren’s and YOUR own time. I can’t imagine anything being more seamless! I have a long commute to work and it’s like Christmas day to get to listen to this on a long drive. Not to be underestimated is Dr. Lauren’s assistant, Pele! What an amazing, highly efficient team they are!


    Your comments about my husband made a lot of sense. I will be looking at the situation with a different pair eyes. His issues are different than I would have imagined. He was the middle of 7 children; so he is like a middle child in his growth as a child. His mother would not have had the time for him for sure.
    Thank you once again….Moira


    Thank you once again for making very clear what I have been feeling for some time now. I can deal very well with not having my family around; I just needed confirmation on the details of why it was happening. I really admire your gift and am thankful that I have someone to contact when the need arises.
    Sincerely, Moira


    Sorry for the incomplete review. My computer is very “jumpy” and I did not sign off properly. Sincerely, Moira


    Dr Cielo gve me an audio reading that came from my email question, and it was quite accurate. I found my spirit guide that will help me with the problem that I have. She also knew what color I had in my space which was something that only I could have known. She gave me some advice that helped me right away. I plan to use her services again in the near future. I also purchased her book the other day and it was great for explaining a lot ot things that I did not understand. She even has a way to continue healing you for days after the reading. Thanks Lauren!


    Dr. Lauren thank you so much for the readings. I’ve never met you but I feel like you are a very loving person and I can fell that come through in the readings I have had and thank you for introducing me to (for lack of how to spell) Anka yaya. God bless you!


    Thank you for confirming my evaluation of my daughters’ personality for this life time. You were “Bang” on with your information. I have felt like I was neglectful where she was concerned. I have had a big weight lifted off my shoulders while listening to your thoughts on my question. It means so much to me to know I had really understood her problem.and that other people in her life just do not get it. I appreciate what you have done for me very much. I send my loving energy to you for that.


    Dr. Lauren did a one email question read for me. I was skeptical at first, however her reading was extremely personal and felt as if I was actually interacting with her (I even found myself, laughing and talking to the recording…). The one question reading has opened up many other questions I would like to discuss, so I will be setting an appointment to meet in person and discuss my questions further. Dr. Lauren’s warmth came through the reading, and I look forward to meeting her. One suggestions for anyone with one question, make it a simple question, not multi-layered, as I did, because I found myself wanting to continue to ask more questions with each item, Dr. Lauren revealed! Overall, I am very pleased with the service.

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