Office Hours With Dr. Lauren Cielo

The Doctor Is In!

Students and clients (and prospect students and clients) are welcome to book office hours with Dr. Lauren Cielo. There is no cost to book the 15 minute phone call.

Hello Doctor

While psychic advise and healing are not part of this service, appropriate subjects to cover during office hours include:

  • How can Golden Rose provide you the help and support to seek Spiritual Freedom?
  • What services would be best for you?
  • What training would be best for you?
  • What events would be best for you?
  • All other Student or General Questions


Book Your Appointment

At Your Appointment Time- Please Call 619-922-6775

Please be have the following 3 websites accessible BEFORE you make your call:

Dr. Lauren may suggest links from these pages that will help you so it’s important you can see them during the call. No email follow up with discussion notes, internet links or recording will be offered.

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