The Making and Breaking of a Heart Chakra

Welcome to my Odyssey Through The Heart healing series. I’m Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services and thanks for joining me on this very personal journey to re-claim, own and heal our heart chakras. Now it’s time to explore the sequence of events that occurs during the Making and Breaking of a Heart Chakra!

MakingBreaking of a Heart Chakra

As most of you know, I used to be an engineer and I think very, very logically. So when it came to tackling this heart issue, I approached it from a left-brained vantage point. This isn’t to say that we can ‘think’ our way through this odyssey. If this was the case, I would have figured it out long ago! Instead we have to energetically move and shift the vibration and information in the heart chakra itself… a complete metaphysical make over, if you will, complete with tears, fits, depression, lots of sleep, maybe lots of food and exercise.

Having said that, we need to better understand the process our heart chakra goes through as it develops. One thing to note, whether the heart ends up excessive or deficient, it goes through this same sequence. Once we understand these steps, then we can design energy work to  dis-assemble and re-assemble our flimsy little ol’ hearts!

Before I interject my view of the making and breaking process, the reader must be reminded that this is only my view and it may change. However, to get my arms around this heart healing business, I needed a working understanding of how a heart chakra is forged, how it gets damaged and finally how to heal that damage. This post focuses on how the chakra is forged. Future posts will address specifics how the chakra gets damaged and of course, we culminate with posts that offer healing work to repair and rejuvenate the 4th Chakra.  This model uses ‘best case’ scenarios and generalities to make the concepts easy to work with and understand. You might think of this as ’rounding up’ a number in mathematics. Metaphorically, I have at times, taken 1.666 and rounded it all the way up to 2.  So without further ado and after careful consideration, meditation and contemplation, I’m pleased to announce the working model we will use to understand the heart chakra process is of all things, a computer hard drive! Good thing I wasn’t a plumber before becoming a psychic, huh?

As most of us know, the hard drive in our computer holds information or data. This data is written down onto the spinning disk inside the drive at specific locations so it can be retrieved later by the CPU. This fact makes it a great example for our case since our chakra are literally spinning disks that hold information! When a hard drive is installed in your computer it usually has only one partition or one big volume. But in certain circumstances we may want to partition the drive into smaller pieces. These pieces are completely discrete from one another. In other words, the data written in one partition doesn’t even know the data written in an adjacent partition exists!

Making and Breaking of a Heart Chakra_3
For This Example We’ll Use Red for a Partition and Green for Data

Now that we have Hard Drive 101 completed, let’s get back to our heart chakras and see how this example works. We previous identified traits of the excessive and deficient heart chakra. And while you may recall this Odyssey Through The Heart series is intended for both of these states of “dis-ease”, you may not yet know why: We all have both excessive partitions and deficient partitions carved to our hearts! Furthermore, the data written on these partitions act completely independently. Think back over your life. If it’s like mine, there were certain intimate relationship when I exhibited deficient behavior (mostly when I was younger) and other ones when I was excessive. You’ve read about these relationships in the Prelude to this work. A deeper explanation of how our hearts get partitioned, will be forthcoming in a future post in this series called “The Bitter Bite”. (Coming Soon!)

Let’s talk data! We’ve learned our hearts have both excessive and deficient partitions. So what data is written on these partitions? Basically, everything… our chakras are filled with tiny bits of data which we call pictures. We ‘read’ these pictures and act and react accordingly. Everything we’ve learned about love has been captured in the pictures accumulated within our heart chakra.  As I pursue my healing, I’ve come to believe that some of the first bytes of data written across our hearts is, what going forward, we will refer to as “Our Original Sin”. (More on Original Sin Coming Soon!)

Our Original Sin is in reality our ‘first wound’. We are all wounded. We plan it that way. We might best think of this original wound as a catalyst propelling us towards our Soul’s Purposes like a moth to a flame. Some of this Original Sin data may be written in an excessive partition and some in a deficient one.  The part of the Original Sin written in a excessive partition becomes one’s passion, one’s cause. Witness the recovering alcoholic whose new life purpose is to help others become sober. Original Sin written over a deficient partition becomes The Shadow. (More on The Shadow Coming Soon!)  I will again draw your awareness to a recovering alcoholic. But in the case of a deficient partition, this person never admits to having a drinking problem in the past. No one knows.

This is our working model: The heart chakra is like a hard drive segmented into excessive and deficient partitions. All our of heart information is written across these partitions with our Original Sin being one of the most important bytes of data. The causes we champion in life and the shadowy secrets we hide are determined by whether the Original Sin data was recorded in an excessive partitions or a deficient partitions.

Together on our Odyssey we have become more heart aware through practicing the meditation and breathwork in the Getting To Know Your Heart post. From the Meet Your Healer Heart offering, we all now have a specific Guide to helps us on this journey. We have learned how to continue this work even while our bodies are asleep in the Heavenly Healings post and our goal has been set in The GodHeart. Finally after digesting this work, we understand our working model.  Now we face our real challenge – Take this information and DO THE WORK. Don’t just read this blog, live this blog! Every day, every breath, with every beat of your heart, live your Odyssey.

Through the years I have been on my Odyssey Through The Heart, I have fallen, flailed and failed many times, but I will not give up! All the confusion and pain and that baseline feeling that something just isn’t right on this planet, will lift and my heart will be clear and it will be true. I will be able to trust myself and my brothers and sisters.  If you get discouraged, stay in amusement and stay-tuned for Pit Falls Of The Odyssey Through The Heart (Coming Soon) for tips, more stories and lots of good old fashioned love!

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With Blessings,
Dr. Lauren Cielo, DD

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