Prelude to ‘Odyssey Through The Heart’ Healing Series

A Spirit To Spirit ‘Hello’ !

I’m Dr. Lauren Cielo. I am a professional Clairvoyant Healer, Teacher and Author and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services in San Diego. You may have heard me on Coast to Coast AM Radio and or seen my television appearance on Beyond Belief with George Noory brought to you on Gaiam TV. My latest book, ‘The Power of Energy: Harnessing the Universe for more Clarity, Peace, and Love‘ will give you more understanding of my work as well as my weekly Golden Rose Psychic Radio show.

Odyssey Through The Heart

My loyal subscribers have noticed that I haven’t really blogged, besides my now infamous weekly MoonDay Meditations for almost 9 months. I historically have used this forum as a means to discuss and heal what comes up for me as I live my life. As I tell my clairvoyant students, ‘We are not above our clients, we are before them.” As such, I usually blog about events and circumstances that confuse me and as I figure them out, I write about them and offer meditations and energy work to heal those around me. All that changed last June when I got my heart broken by my ex-girlfriend and I haven’t been able to go near this blog since then. I do apologize to my faithful readers for this long hiatus.

Now I seem ready to tell the tales that have gotten me to this point on my healing path regardless of how incredible they may seem to you or how embarrassing they may be to me. As most everyone who has had a Reading or taken a class with me knows, I use myself and my experiences when reaching for examples and metaphors to punctuate my work. This healing series will be no exception.

Over the last 20 years, I have had 3 failed relationships with each becoming more and more horrific. The first one was with a mother of a young girl. I bonded with her daughter, 2 years old at the time and it nearly killed me when they both left. I have recently seen her daughter, now almost 16 years old on the internet posing in a black lace bra with her naturally blonde hair dyed black and wearing too much makeup. I was again devastated, thinking how this girl’s life would probably turn out and how different it would have been if her mother hadn’t left me. My heart ached.

The next failed relationship was with an ex-drug addict who had cleaned herself up to become an acupuncturist. This fact alone made me respect her as I could not muster the motivation and diligence needed to achieve such a feat. The requirements to become an acupuncturist in California are ridiculously difficult. I ended this one because over the years she became emotionally and sexually unavailable. Recently, a client came in for a Reading and Healing. From him, I discovered she now trolls the neighborhood bars for unsuspecting men to literally sexually abuse. This client was one of those men. She lured him back to her office with the promise of a massage that turned very ugly, very quickly. When I clairvoyantly looked at him I could see the damage of this encounter. I was mortified and embarrassed when I learned the truth about this ex-lover. And my heart ached for this poor man.

The last failed relationship was definitely the most heart breaking to me. I trained this woman to be a psychic and together we ran 2 businesses. I thought we would be together for a lifetime. Along the way, I assumed part her personal debt, emotionally propped her up and attempted to ground our businesses firmly into the earth plane making them profitable and sustainable. When she unexpectedly left me, she took all our money and pushed me out of our psychic storefront. I have now learned that she has since spent all the money, started doing hallucinogenic drugs thinking this would connect her to God and moved a Sexologist (a person certified by the state of California to perform sexual healings… I guess) into my old healing room to help pay the rent. At the time of this writing she is homeless, sleeping in the storefront and hoping the landlord doesn’t find out and evict her. My heart continues to ache for her.

Like I said… horrific!

I will also say that all 3 of these women are, on the soul level, very worthy of love and respect. Without them, I would not be The Wounded Healer and I would not be beginning this Heart Odyssey series. I will also take full responsibility for signing relationship Contracts with these beloved Souls in order to heal myself and my readers that may presently be working through Heart Chakra dysfunctions. In this regard, as I write this, I do not consciously know where this series will lead or when it will end. Maybe it’s like this crazy tattoo of roses on a vine that I have on my right arm… with the addition of each new rose, I keep thinking the tattoo is finished… only to find out later that there are more roses that want to bloom!

A psychologist would probably say that my past inability to mate successfully comes from my relationship with my parents, more exact my mother. And this might be true. My first heart break was when my parents rejected me because they found out I was sexually attracted to women in my early 20’s. I have always been very masculine and I think of myself as more transgendered than lesbian. My parents didn’t seem to ‘see’ this fact and I was flattened when I lost contact with them for several years after they learned the truth. Here I would like to interject that I completely Honor My Mother and I Honor My Father having selected them very specifically for this crazy lifetime that is unfolding in front of me. Without them, I would not be me and I thank and love them dearly!

But this healing series is not about my ex-girlfriends, my parents or relationships in general. Instead, this series is about healing the Heart Chakra and I will continue to ‘pull at this thread’ over a series of blog posts and energy work designed to delve into the Heart Chakra and how it works. Maybe once I figure this out, I can learn more about intimate relationships and why, up until this point, I have chosen women who could not return the love I offered or allow my love to heal them. But this is a subject for another blog series entirely and one that may not be written for years.

I will also mention this healing series is not designed just for those us who fall ‘on this side’ of a dysfunctional Heart Chakra, meaning those who give too much but it is also meant for those who  take too much. Like most things in life there is pendulum effect working. In various stages of our lives, we may swing back and forth from one extreme to the other. The intention of this series is to offer ‘left brained’ information in the form of blog posts and ‘right brained’ information in the form of meditations and energy work available as audio downloads designed to heal and ultimately balance all the aspects of the Heart Chakra no matter what they might be or how they might be manifesting in our lives.

So to get the ball rolling, I think it best that we get acquainted with Chakras in general.

Chakras are literally spinning vortexes of energy and information and they are interdimensional. This means that they cut through the Earth Plane into the Astral Plane. We have 7 main Chakras that run down the mid-line of our bodies, each being a magnet for certain types of information. For example, the 1st or Root Chakra holds our survival information. Everything we know about how to keep our bodies alive is stored here.

The Heart Chakra holds information about family and self-love. Some of this information is from this lifetime and some comes from our past lives as recorded in the Akashic Records and is accessed via the Astral Plane. Some of us ‘work’ one specific Chakra over many incarnations. It’s  been said of me that I am a Heart Healer. I really don’t know what that means… yet. When people meet me and work with me, they sometimes report an overwhelming feeling of being loved… that’s kinda cool. But now, I want to feel the feeling of being loved too; if not from a lover or a parent, then from the Creation itself!

I hope you will join me on this Odyssey Through The Heart. I think this may be one of the reasons I incarnated this time. I also always tell my students that as soon as we fulfill our soul’s purposes we get to go Home. You may call it ‘dying’ but I call it ‘graduating’! So maybe this grand pursuit will move me closer to finishing my work here on the Earth Plane and get me back Home sooner rather than later.

So put on your big girl panties or big boy boxers (as the case may be), get out your box of tissues and look for my next post in this series and its accompanying energy work audio file.

And so it begins…

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With Blessings,
Dr. Lauren Cielo, DD


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