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Welcome to my Odyssey Through The Heart healing series. I’m Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services and thanks for joining me on this very personal journey to re-claim, own and heal our heart chakras. This installment will put you into touch with your own spirit guide, Heart Healers!

In the previous post in this series entitled, Getting to Know Your Heart Chakra, we explored intellectual information about the fourth chakra. And in its companion Audio File, we learned to energetically sense and feel this chakra and how energy can be moved through it. Hopefully, you have gotten pretty good at running energy through the heart to clear and balance it. But there is so much more that can be achieved and getting help from a few high vibrating friend may be just the ticket!

We all have contracts with angels and spirit guides and they help us with everything from daily tasks to huge endeavors. But for the techniques required for the remainder of this series we need a specialized guide to do the heavy lifting.

I also recommend that you consider choosing an object as an ‘attention point’ for your Heart Healer to focus it’s energy on and through. I like to use crystals but it can be a necklace or talisman. If you like stones as well, I suggest a unakite jasper heart pendant. But you can use any pink or green stones. Take a look back at the heart chakra correspondence in the previous post and you’ll see other gemstones associated with the heart chakra that would be great as well. The idea is once you decide on your object and meet your heart healer, the healer can charge the object and you can keep it close and work with it if you have downloaded the audio portion of this series.

Okay, on with the show! I’d like to introduce a few Heart Healers that I have worked with in the hopes that one may resonate with you and your heart.

Your Heart Healer maybe an Ascended Master which is a being who has raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light. They can come and go at will from the earth plane without the Birth//Death cycle. They basically don’t need to incarnate to learn anything new… they already know it!

Ascended Master Jesus-
Why not start with one who is familiar to everyone? No matter what your religious path may be, if you have one, most people know that Christians ask Jesus into the heart, not the head or mind but into the heart! By definition this means Jesus is a Heart Healer. If you decide to choose Jesus (or he decided to choose you), you may also enjoy running Christ Force Energy!Master Jesus

Ascended Master Kwan Yin-
Her proper name is Kuanshih Yin and means “She who harkens to the cries of the world”. Following her ascension Kwan Yin turned back to save others and made this pledge – “Never will I seek, nor receive, private individual salvation, never will I enter into final peace alone, but forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the redemption of every creature throughout the world from the bonds of conditioned existence”.

Put another way, even though Kwan Yin does not need to incarnate, she always does! She will not leave until every tear has been wiped away or dried.

Just think, right now she might be an old woman in Mexico or an infant child in Egypt. But rest assured if you choose to call her your Heart Healer she will always come when you call on her.KwanYin

Perhaps instead you’ll choose an Archangel. Archangel’s vibrate the highest of all the angels. They choose their names very carefully as use their names to describe themselves. As such most end with an ‘el’ which means ‘god’.

Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael’s name means ” God Heals”. He’s full of compassion on people who are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Raphael is often depicted in art holding a staff that represents healing or an emblem called a caduceus. He often resonates with people who are healers and medical professionals and is fearless in any situation that is in need of healing! He is considered the Supreme Healer among the other Archangels.

When you call upon him, he is there instantly and is certainly not shy about letting his presence being known. He is there to help you heal any relationship, any stressful event or to help you during the grieving process. When he is around you may notice sparkles of green, have goosebumps appear upon asking or simply have a calmness come over you. He is not afraid of the circumstance that you are in, and will send his loving energy through the space around you and into you, affecting all involved, positively.


Archangel Chamuel-
Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of peaceful relationships and his name means ‘He who sees God’. His color is pink and he works restores unconditional love and compassion to the heart chakra. He may step forward to be your Heart Healer if forgiveness is required, and if you need help to remove anger, hatred and resentment.

He helps to open the heart on an individual level and also on a cosmic level. Chamuel can help you: discover more about the Supreme Being’s love, find inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, forgive people who have hurt or offended them, find and nurture romantic love, and reach out to serve people in turmoil who need help to find peace.


Now that you know a few ‘big hitters’ in the heart chakra healing arena and you’ve selected an object to act as an ‘attention point’ for their energetic vibration, it’s time to Meet Your Heart Healer! Keep in mind that you may call in a completely different guide than the ones I describe here and that’s ok. The important things is to work with them. Just reading about them won’t move and heal the energy of the heart chakra. Get to know them and their energy. Talk with them. Ask them to come to you in meditation and your dream space. I hope you make a great connection and feel the love and support from them the way I have. I never feel alone and you don’t have to either. I invite you to Meet Your Heart Healer and feel the love!

To download the meditation that accompanies this installment of the Odyssey Through The Heart healing series, click HERE. It is suggested that you perform this meditation daily for about a week before moving on to next meditation in this series… but this in only a suggestion!

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With Blessings,
Dr. Lauren Cielo, DD

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