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Welcome to my Odyssey Through The Heart healing series. I’m Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services and thanks for joining me on this very personal journey to re-claim, own and heal our heart chakras. This installment will teach you how to use your nightly visits to the Astral Plane to heal your heart.

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In the previous post in this series entitled, Meet Your Heart Healer, we learned of a few Guides and Angels who specialize in healings of the heart. And in its companion Audio File, we were introduced to our very own heart healer and learned how to access them in meditation! But besides working with them in meditation while we are awake and in our animal bodies, we can also work with our heart healers each night when our divine soul leaves the animal and goes home to the astral plane. This post will teach you how!

But before we go on, I would like to explain why I’m focusing on the astral healing techniques now as it wasn’t my intention to cover this material so early in the series.

If you have read the Prelude to this work, you will recall that the stimulus for its creation was the break up of my last relationship piled up onto the two that proceeded it. Well, it seems this last one is ‘the gift that keeps giving’! Even though I have earnestly done and continue to do ‘the work’ to heal from it, people and information keep coming my way.

And in keeping true to my journey and sharing it with others, I offer up this information in light and love. There are no villians and no victors, just souls signing Contracts to grow and heal. Having said that, here’s the background for this particular post:

A few months ago, I had a new client who was seeking a healing. Her husband of 5 years had just dumped her. I felt the session was productive and uplifting and she seemed to have gotten a lot from it. Then just as we were finishing up, I suggested she might think about working with the gemstone, unakite jasper. I told her I had a terrible break up last summer and the stone was really helping my heart heal. She replied, “I know.” It turns out she and her husband were seeing my last ex for relationship healings and everything was improving. Then after one of his private sessions, he didn’t come home all night. When my client finally got in touch with her husband, he said he was leaving her. I knew my ex had told him he must leave the relationship. My client was furious with my ex but I don’t think she really knew why. My client just felt my ex had a major role in the break up of her marriage.

A million pictures and emotions collided in my space. Anger was the first. Then trying to cover the anger was the next. I was so uncomfortable with this information because I knew the truth… the truth that would take my client a few more months to discover. In short, my ex had broken up their marriage and stole my client’s husband. I knew it immediately. And I was far beyond pissed off. I knew her homelessness would drive her to extremes but I had no idea she would use her position and authority with her clients to manufacture a meal ticket.

This was the turning point for me and something inside me snapped. I realized that I was shifting from ‘trying to protect my ex from the world’ to ‘trying to protect the world from my ex’! Up until this point I had had no contact with her. Right when she left, I tried to drop her texts with photos of the garden blooming or the latest cute photo of my grand nephews but she never responded. So I gave up. But now, this information ignited such a passionate anger in me that I lashed out. I sent her a text telling her that if I saw her, I would make a point of confronting her in public and that neither one of us would like it. I felt responsible for teaching such an immature person to read energy and encouraging her to become a professional psychic. The anger burned from my heart to my throat and I lashed out!

That reclaiming of my power and my voice in one simple text had very interesting results. That very night I had the most compelling dream. I was with my mother, my dad and brother had just left having finished some kind of confrontation. Now that it was just her and me, she said how much she disliked family conflict. I thought to myself, this might be a great opportunity to talk to her about how painful it was for me when she found out I was gay and wanted nothing to do with me. (I will remind the reader again here that I do not consider myself gay. I am transgendered.) In the dream, I then re-thought it and decided there might be a better time later to bring up the subject. Then before I knew it, I was calmly explaining how I felt and to my surprise SHE APOLOGIZED! That scene ended immediately and I was then walking with one of my best friends. I turned to her and said, “Well, I guess you know what this means…” My friend nodded her head. I continued, “Now I have to forgive my mother.”

This experience is what moved the Heavenly Heart Healings to the top of the list for this series. Thanks for bearing with me as I laid the foundation for this post.

Okay, on with the show! First, we need to learn more about the astral plane. The most important thing to remember is that the astral plane is the ‘real world’. This Earth reality is a fabrication. We only come to Earth for intense training. A wise person once said to me, “You don’t incarnate on Earth if you are an evolved soul.” I believe this to be true.

Most of the time when we fall asleep, our soul takes off for “home”. There are 12 levels of “home” that we can visit and if we remember bits and pieces of this, we will call it a dream. It should also be noted that we can access more than one level at a time. The lower 3 levels are very dense. You will experience nightmares here. Level 4 focuses on friends and family relations and issues. This is the level where I had my healing with my mom. 5 and 6 are general levels and when you get back from these layers, you feel refreshed and ready for the day. Cosmic classrooms and the Cathedral of The Souls where the Akashic Records are located all reside on levels 7 & 8. We experience ‘spiritual dreams’ here. And finally, 9 through 12 vibrate to the frequency of the archangels, ascended masters and the Supreme Being. If you go there, you will not remember dreaming about anything at all.

The fact that the lower levels are nightmarish and the upper levels are filled angels is, of course, where the idea of hell and heaven comes from. Every soul lives on the astral plane. This means you can interact with just about anyone. I tell my clairvoyant students to program their trip ‘home’ each night with things they want to learn and heal. We call this Astral Healing.

But we’re going to take this Heavenly Heart Healing technique a step further… even as we are out on the astral interacting with healers and teachers that will help us heal on the soul level, our Heart Healers will also make structural changes to the heart chakra attached to our animal bodies back on Earth. Think of this healing technique this way: your soul will interface with sages and healers on the ‘real world’ while your heart chakra is reconfigured to utilize the information when you come back to the ‘unreal world’ where your body lives… a double healing. And all you have to do is set your intention and go to sleep!

To get the ball rolling, I have created an audio meditation that will give you a quick glimpse of the astral plane and help create a healing and learning space for you on the 7th and 8th levels. You may think of this space as your new ‘home base’ on the astral. Click HERE to download it. I also suggest that you set your intention each time you fall asleep and let your Heart Healer know exactly what you want to accomplish while at ‘home’.

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With Blessings,
Dr. Lauren Cielo, DD

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