Getting To Know Your Heart Chakra: Knock, Knock… Who’s There? I am.

Welcome to the first offering in my Odyssey Through The Heart healing series. I’m Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services and I hope you will join me on what will mostly likely be a very personal journey to re-claim, own and heal our heart chakras. This installment’s goal is to reacquaint us with our heart or fourth chakra.

We each have 7 main chakras that run down the midline of our physical bodies. Please refer to this image of how these chakras are shaped and where they are located. From this image, it is easy to see that the heart chakra (the blue one) projects out in front and behind our bodies. It meets in the middle of our physical body. As we work through this series, it won’t be unusual for you to physically feelthese locations from time to time. You may experience physical sensations in the chest and upper back area as well as ‘inside’ the chest cavity. No worries… it just means you are getting to know your heart chakra!


Go to you bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know.
– William Shakespeare

We as humans are capable of psychically reading and sensing energy with all 7 of our main chakras, but in the technique I’m trained in, we spend a lot of time opening up and training the upper 3 chakras to read energy while we close down tightly the lower 3 chakras so we can stay neutral. In other words, if my lower 3 chakras get lit up while I’m reading a client, my body might get frightened, I might get emotional or even go into competition. By closing down these chakras I do not become part of the reading and can instead remain a neutral observer of the client’s energy. It’s the way we ensure we are truly reading the client and not ourselves.

(A colleague of mine, Kawena Charlot has supplied a lot of stimulation for this Heart Healing series. She brought to my attention the fact that our technique says nothing about what the heart chakra does during a reading. If you too are trained in this particular technique, stay tuned… We’ve decided to explore this fact a bit more in the future and I will let you know what we discover!)

Also the upper 3 chakras are considered spiritual chakras while the lower 3 are more body chakras.
If we think of the upper 3 spiritual chakras a heaven and the lower 3 chakras as earth, then the heart chakra becomes the place where the Kingdom of Heaven meets Earth! As such,it probably the most important chakras of all!


The ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is a condition of the heart – not something that comes…‘after death.’

– Friedrich Nietzsche

So with that background let’s learn a bit more about the heart chakra that brings Heaven to Earth! Below is a list of Heart Chakra Correspondence.

It will give you some ‘left brained’ or analytical information about the heart chakra.
Sanskrit Name: Anahata
Physical Organs: heart, lungs
Endocrine Correspondence: thymus
Function: affinity (family,self-love)
Color: pink and green
Stones: rose quartz, kunzite, pink tourmaline, aventurine, malachite, unakite jasper
Associated Sense: Touch
Element: Air
Musical Note: F
Sound: Yam
Mantra: I Am
Number: 4
Angels: Raphael, Chamuel
Ascended Masters: Jesus, Kwan Yin
Planet: Venus
Astrological Signs: Virgo, Libra
Animals: antelope, dove
Foods: vegetables
Essential Oils: rose, bergamot, Melissa, jasmine, rosewood
Herbs: geranium, hawthorn berries, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, orris root, yarrow, rose
Bach Flower Essences: water violet, impatiens, heather, chicory, vervain, vine, beech, rock water
Frequency: 10.5hz
Brain Wave: alpha
Patterns of Balance: balanced, compassionate, empathic, friendly, and outgoing humanitarian, See the good in everyone, desire to nurture others, friendly, outgoing, in touch with feelings, sexual energy-can surrender and merge in a love relationship, can wait for the right partner.
Patterns of Imbalance:
Excessive Characteristics: co-dependency, poor boundaries, possessive, jealous, demanding, overly sacrificing
Deficient Characteristics: isolation, low self-esteem, antisocial, withdrawn, cold, critical, judgmental, intolerant of self and others, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, lack of empathy, narcissism, melancholy, shyness, bitter
Physiological Dysfunctions: congestive heart failure, hypertension, heart attack, asthma, allergies, migraines, bronchial pneumonia
Earth’s Fourth Chakra Locations: Glastonbury (Avalon) and Shaftesbury, in England and Haleakala Crater in Maui, Hawaii and Ganges River in India

Now that we have a good intellectual understanding of the heart chakra, let’s do some work to energetically integrate all this information!

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.
– Sylvia Plath

To download the meditation that accompanies this installment of the Odyssey Through The Heart healing series, click HERE. It is suggested that you perform this meditation daily for about a week before moving on to next meditation in this series… but this in only a suggestion!

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With Blessings,
Dr. Lauren Cielo, DD

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