FREE MoonDay Meditation Series by Dr. Lauren Cielo

On July 30, 2012, Dr. Lauren Cielo, star of Gaiam T V and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services in San Diego, began what would become a series of 90 meditations based on the phases of the moon. While Dr. Cielo completed the series on April 21, 2014, these meditations are offered completely FREE and we hope you find one just right for your current situation.


Moon Day Image

On each Monday for almost 2 years, Dr. Cielo clairvoyantly ‘looked’ at energy surrounding Golden Rose’s clients and students. Then using the waxing and waning properties of the moon each week, Dr. Cielo created an appropriate meditation for that space and time. Now, this series is presented in it entirety in the hope that the reader and listener will naturally gravitate to the meditations that will offer them the ‘highest and best’ healing for present endeavor.

Please enjoy Dr. Lauren Cielo’s MoonDay Meditation Series!

Dr. Lauren Cielo
Just writing to say that you ROCK!!! Thank you so much for offering your Moonday Meditations :)) SO HELPFUL!!!! (what I was originally gonna write was I F@CKING LOVE YOU!!! but wasn't sure if my true meaning would come through those words, lol). sorry for all the yelling ;P happy chicken over here ~ bok bok bogawk!!!