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I’m Dr. Lauren Cielo. I am a professional Clairvoyant Healer, Teacher and Author. You may have heard me recently on Coast to Coast AMRadio and seen my television appearance on Beyond Belief with George Noory brought to you on Gaiam TV!. My new book, ‘The Power of Energy; Harnessing the Universe for more Clarity, Peace, and Love’ is available now and I also do a weekly Golden Rose Psychic Radio show LIVE every Wednesday at 6:30pm PST.

In this edition of Lauren’s Rose Garden, I discuss a Psychic Technique I call The Weekly Round Up to help you organize your week! I learned this from Reading clients and talking with my Guides. A particular client asked about how to promote a certain endeavor she was working on. The answer was so illogically. For example, maybe she was trying to manifest a new car and the way to promote this creation was to go spend time with her mother! Weird, huh?

So after the Reading I asked my Guides why the answer was so ‘out there’. I would have expected an answer like: ‘save your money’ or ‘buy on this day for a good deal’. My Guides replied that they actually manage way more of our creation space than we realize. In other words, our Guides keep many of our projects moving forward even when we’re not focused on them. So the Weekly Round Up helps us focus on the parts of our lives that need our conscious awareness this week.

All you need is a piece paper, a pen and a deck of tarot cards that speak to you clearly.

Step1: Write down on a paper 12- 20 ‘things’ that are up for you this week: finances, relationships, health issues, new projects, etc.

Step 2: Ask your Guides to help you pull a tarot card to Read the energy of each of these ‘things’. Record on the paper which card comes up for each ‘thing’.

Step 3: Set the deck to the side and pick up the cards that you pulled for each ‘thing’. Shuffle these cards and have your Guides help you pull the cards in order of importance for your awareness. In other words, pull the first card. This is the ‘thing’ you should focus most of your awareness on for the week. The second card you pull after shuffling, is the second most important and so on.

I usually only focus on the first 5 to 6 ‘things’on my list every week. That’s it… 3 simple steps to Psychically Organizing Your Week!

The Weekly Round Up has really helped me move, shift and grow quickly and I can feel confident that my Guides are still working all those other ‘things’ in the background!

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With Blessings,
Dr. Lauren Cielo, DD


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