Current Events Healing and Meditation Group Introduction

Welcome to the Current Events Healing and Meditation Group with Dr. Lauren Cielo, professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services. This  FREE weekly meditation group, scheduled for every Sunday at 7:30am PST, focuses on preparing us for the challenges ahead of our country and world based on the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.


JOIN THE NEXT LIVE MEDITATION this upcoming Sunday at 7:30am PST


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We thank you in advance for donations to support this event, please make offerings via Paypal. Our account is…

6 thoughts on “Current Events Healing and Meditation Group Introduction

  1. Hello from downunder (Australia). If I want to join your live meditation group I have to be up 12.30am Monday mornings (I’m in your future, lol). So I listen to your archived meditations. Thanks for posting them otherwise I would never be able to listen to them.

  2. Hello Everyone and welcome! The first meditation is intended to heal each Lightworker and remind us of the difference between the Path of Love and the Path Fear. Please enjoy and share with those who may benefit for this free offering.

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