Working Your Business Contract

Welcome to the Become A Professional Healer Focus Group with me, Dr. Lauren Cielo, professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services. This  monthly focus group looks at a different aspect of creating and building your own healing business! Each registrant (whether you attend live or not) can submit questions about your  personal small business and I’ll answer them as a business consultant, a psychic or both! An audio recording is distributed the day after the event.

Working Your Business Contract

COST $25

Register for the LIVE FOCUS GROUP on WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2016 at  6pm PDT

In this episode I discuss:

1) How to consciously write the spiritual contracts for your Earthly healing business.

2) How to energetically ‘match’ this contract.

3) Knowing when to revise this contract

4) Q & A about your personal business!

If you missed the LIVE event, the video is available for download from web store for only $14.99!

Please register for the next LIVE FOCUS GROUP in this series and subscribe to my blog to discuss topics and ask questions!

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