Let’s Start At Square One

Welcome to the Become A Professional Healer Focus Group with me, Dr. Lauren Cielo, engineer turned professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services.

Start at square one
In this episode I discuss:

1) How to get your business license and bank account set up and why to do it NOW!

2) How to switch from having your income taxes withheld to saving them yourself.

3) How to do internet market research in your local area on your website’s key words.

4) Learn what SEO is and how you can use it cost effectively.

5) The best payment option to offer your clients.

6) How to market to your existing clients and get new ones.

7) When to implement new web platforms and how to do it affordably.

If you missed the LIVE event, the video is available for download from web store for only $19.99! (Recorded 2-27-15)

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