Fill Up Your Appointment Book

Welcome to the Become A Professional Healer Focus Group with me, Dr. Lauren Cielo, engineer turned professional psychic and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services.

Fill Up Your Appointment BookCOST $25

Register for the LIVE event on FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2015 at  6pm PDT

In this episode I discuss:

1) Setting your prices.

2) Discover Compassionate Marketing… what to offer for free.

3) Getting new clients.

4) Keeping current clients.

5) Creative offerings.

6) Q & A about your personal business!

If you missed the LIVE event, the video is available for download from web store for only $19.99! (Recorded 8-30-15)

Please register for the next LIVE event in this series and subscribe to my blog to discuss topics and ask questions!

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