Welcome to the personal website of San Diego Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo, the creator of Golden Rose Psychic Services headquartered in San Diego, California. While Dr. Cielo is San Diego’s Premier Psychic, Lauren has clients and students in over 20 countries world wide. Recent appearances with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Radio and Gaiam TV have propelled Dr. Cielo onto the world stage. Dr. Lauren Cielo Dr. Cielo provides clairvoyant healings, teachings and guidance via a weekly radio show, television appearances and the Golden Rose virtual global community. A former engineer at a Fortune 500 company, Dr. Cielo work dispels myths and mysticism bringing irrational thought into quantum focus as she peels back the veil that separates our conscious souls from our unconscious animal bodies. You are invited to interact with one of the most intriguing spiritual leaders of our age. Dr. Cielo operates on what her Healing Master, Ankajia refers to as the HAG principle: being Humble, Accessible and Grateful. We hope you find what you’re looking for…

Dr. Lauren Cielo
I had a reading with you the 29th of Nov. I just got done listening to the audio and I can't express how much this reading meant to me. I have been told I was crazy by so many people there has been times in my live that I thought they could have a point.
I would like to tell you a quick story. Many lives ago I developed something that would be similar to NyQuil. The main difference would be I used opium instead of alcohol. I called this The Concoction. The other day in my reading we were talking about medicine and you said " this concoction... that is what you would of called it in a past life". This is the most anybody has ever reassured me that I was not crazy. 
There is a lot of stuff that is so far out there I just keep to myself. This is one of them. Thanks for all your very hard work. Best wishes. I will talk to you next year when I get a reading. Thanks